Well welcome aboard! I can't believe I just said that. I actually don't think this is a boat, but if it is, it is probably sinking because why not add a blog to my website? Like isn't having two crazy-adorable kids, and two businesses to run, keep me busy enough? Yes, yes it does.

However, I just got back from this conference and I am all FIRED up. But there is this problem I cannot solve. I give my in-person customers that show up to my brick-n-mortar such an amazing experience. (maybe they do not think so, but I do) We chat, laugh, sometimes even cry. It's a space where moms can share their experiences with me and I can do so too. Some of my BEST customers have became best friends of mine (you know who you are.) And you can't forget the shopping part! I get to talk about all these amazing products that I truly invest in with you all! I am a mom of two, I have vetted through many products, some good and some bad. My mission for this boutique is to not only provide you with great, trendy, unique, and sustainable products, but to EDUCATE you on these products. To show you how they can help make motherhood a tad bit easier. It may all sound taboo, but hey, I cannot help it! This boutique is my blood, sweat, tears, and the reason why I have bags under my eyes. 

"BUT Derion, why a blog?"

Well because, I have been trying to brainstorm how I give my online customers the SAME experience as my in-person customers and this is the solution I came up with. I plan to share blog posts about my favorite products, information on products, my personal life (we all know I share too much), my challenges, and most importantly my passion and love for this store. This blog will be authentic, not proofread, and just completely myself. Some of this will be store centered but some of it might be, me complaining about my husband because after two kids, he still doesn't know how to pack a diaper bag. Sorry babe. So with that,  I hope you enjoy, and if not, at least you get a secret discount code. Yup, I am doing it. I am bribing you to read my blogs for a discount code. 

Soo0oo stay tuned for all the juicy gossip I might share on this blog. 

Your 10% OFF secret code is: Boat 

Each month for now, I will give a discount code, this can be used in-store or online for 1 time. The code will change each month! Let's have some fun.

Till next time, 




Reagan said:

Absolutely LOVE this idea! You are building an incredible community of women! So proud of you, keep grinding mama you are truly an inspiration!

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