The blog you all have been waiting patiently for. I promised I would give some product recommendations and some of my favorites for certain stages. As that writing is very beneficial, I tend to want to write about more personal and juicy topics. Thank you for all the love from my last blog post! I had so many of you reach out thanking me for telling my story. That what this blog is about , telling my truth. If you come into my store, sometimes you will catch me ranting about how my kids didn’t go to bed until 10pm and running on too much caffeine for my anxiety to handle. Just this last month me and this mom chatted for about an hour and a half, bonding on our birth experiences. Those are the stories I love telling. However, a big part of this boutique is talking about the AWESOME products that are in my store and why I love them so much. So here it goes. Tonight, we are going to chat about my top 5 products for newborns. I will keep this baby related and write another blog post about postpartum products. Because I tried writing both and it's way too long. Now, full disclosure, I have had two babies, and both had very different birth stories and very different newborn stages. Each baby is completely different so please don't sue me if these products don’t work for you. Joking. But seriously, don’t. And yes, I didn’t forget about the secret code. But guess what, it's hidden in the text, so you’ll have to read the whole thing. I promise it is worth it. :) 

Top 5 Must-Have Newborn Products 

  1. Doona- This is by far my top item. Hear me out on this one. The Doona is one of the few carseat/ stroller combo on the market, it is an all-in-one. I used this with Ava, Luke, and with our others, God willing. I love the Doona for lots of reasons but especially for the newborn stage. There is no surprise that newborns sleep a lot, and the Doona makes it easy to make those grocery runs, boutique runs, outings to church, much easier because you are not logging around an infant car seat with one hand because it's a stroller too. Ava was a cranky baby, she had to be on the move all the time, so sometimes I would just put her in the Doona around the house. I could write a whole blog on the Doona, and maybe I will, LOL. There are myths out there that they grow out of it fast, that is rare. Except for my friend who had a 9lb baby and he was like 25 pounds at 6 months. Usually, you will get a year or more out of it. The limit is 32 pounds or 32 inches. Usually you will hit inches before pounds. Ava got 18 months and Luke got 13 months. Yes, it is on the higher price range, but hands down the one item I would splurge on everytime. If you have questions or concerns about Doona, let’s chat! Yes, we sell these in my store. It is honestly a dream that I can sell them. My husband LOVES it and it was his favorite product by far.


2. Solly wrap- This is my personal favorite. I suggest some sort of baby wearing item on your registry or top items to get. Not only is baby wearing super beneficial for bonding with the baby, but heck to be honest with you, sometimes it is the only way to get things done in the house. Especially if you have 2 under 2 like I did. I tend to like the wrap better because I have smaller babies and the carriers seem to swallow them. When I say small, Ava was 6.14 and Luke 7.14. The wrap is more snug but I love how snuggled up they are to you. They spent 9 months in the womb and most babies like to be snuggled a lot during the newborn stage. If you shopped a lot with me last year, I wore Luke 90% of the time at my store for pretty much the duration of the time. 

Solly Wraps: 

3. Snuggle me: This one can be a hot topic. Back when Ava was born it was either the Dockaotot or Snuggle Me battle. This a baby lounger that you can put the baby in when on the floor, bed, table, or couch. In recent times, with any baby products there are risks and it's important you use it correctly. I love the Snuggle Me, it's smaller than the dockatot. It fits perfectly in the Halo Bassinest and I love traveling with it. It gives a baby a spot to nap comfortably. Ava LOVED the snuggle me and lived in it her first 3 months of life. Luke wasn’t a huge fan but he still liked it and it was a good thing to take with me when I traveled to the store. 

Snuggle Me: 

4. Portable Sound Machine: Keyword here is portable. With Ava, the Baby Shusher sound machine was the thing to get. It was battery operated and it would just say “SHHHHHH SHHHH” the whole time. With Luke, I used the portable one I sell in the store and I LIVE by it. It is rechargeable and lasts forever. My babies love sound, and when they are in the womb they hear sounds all day long. I would use this in the car, when I was trying to get them to nap, or even calm them down. We took it everywhere! 

HUSH Portable Sound Machine: 

5. Knit swaddles or Swaddle Sleep Sack- My babies both LOVED being swaddled at night. With Ava, we traditionally swaddled her up until like 4 months. We used the Copper Pearl ones because I believe they are a game-changer. They are stretchy, bamboo, fabric, making it easier to swaddle at 3am. However, with Luke, I got smarter. Gunamuna came out with a swaddle sleep sack that velcros their arms down. It was like the Kyte Baby ones, but BETTER. It made those late night feeding sessions way more manageable and Luke was strong so he was breaking through my swaddles. He lived in this for like 4 plus months. What is great about that product is that it's transitional, so if he grew out of liking his hands by his side, you could put his arms out of the zippers. It is kinda hard to explain over text but check out the product on my website.

Copper Pearl: 

Swaddle Sleep Bag: 

Other items:

Kye Baby Zippers is something my babies live in. I am a huge bamboo and Kyte Baby fan. I think they last longer, they are buttery soft, lightweight, and the solids make it easy to stay gender neutral. My newborns only really wore Kyte/ Kickee/ or Magnetic Me. Luke can still fit in 6-12 Kyte and he is 18/24 months in most clothing now.. Solids will never go out of style either. Yes, they are more expensive than traditional zippers but all of mine are in really great shape and continue to get good use after each kid. Because I love Kyte so much, here is 30% off Kyte using the code “Kytebabyrocks” Yup, you better run though, it won't last long. 

Kyte Baby 

Anything Fridababy: my top products are the Nosefrida, yes the one where you suck the snot out, no you do not taste the snot, I promise. Dermafrida for cradle cap, I use it every time for my babies. 



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